Your Airways history dates back to the end of the year 2007, when the founders of  Your Airways (then known as JH Air) discovered the wonderful Maddog 2006. Since then, the Your Airways has went through several changes that have made us the biggest active virtual aviation airline from Estonia.

Today, Your Airways is a virtual airline, based in Tallinn, Estonia. Officially Founded in 2008, Your Airways is the first independent and longest running virtual airline run by Estonians. Our fleet includes Boeing 777-200LR and Boeing 737-900 NGX modelled by PMDG. We operate to various destinations all over the World (after 77L added to fleet). All flights are made in VATSIM network and operated as real as possible using the latest charts, scenery, real operation manuals and procedures.Your Airways is organized according to stringent EASA regulation, valid in the European airspace, since Estonia is a member of the European Aviation Safety Agency.  As safety and a professional attitude are some of the foremost principles of our operation, fulfilling these serious requirements is easy for us. Our goal is to maintain ourselves as the leading virtual scheduled, charter and VIP flight operator for Estonian virtual pilots. All information about operations can be found under the “intranet” section, accessible only for pilots and members of staff.

Concept Now

Since Estonia has a total population only about 1,3 million people, we are not a big airline and will never be.  Due to that fact, Your airways is an airline mainly focused on our pilots needs. That means that we are trying to take care of our pilots wishes about fleet, destinations, etc. At the same time, we are trying to “be” a some sort a realistic airline – if we have 10 pilots, we can not have a 10 different aircraft types in the fleet. We try to focus on less types but with a depth – we have aircraft type related procedures for airports that have restricted runways, mountains nearby or some other sort of “individualities”.

For our “virtual clients” we are a small relatively low cost airline – something between ryanair and Singapore airlines. At the same time, we want to have our passengers a unique journey with some humoristic occasions – something like “fresh” airlines from the TV series “Mile High”.


  • Scheduled flightsflyjh – Your Airway operates to a several holiday and business destinations all over the Europe and World. Flights are little bit less than half an hour up to eighteen hours long and are flown according to our flight schedules. Every pilot can pick a flight and fly it without restrictions. To find out more about our destinations, revert to our destinations page.
  • Charter flights & Exclusive flightsflyjh – Your Airways operates to a various non-scheduled destinations all over the Europe, Asia, America and even Oceania. Most of the non-scheduled destinations are picked from real Estonian Travel Agencies and flown depending on season. At the same time, some flights are operated related to the real life events, such as Eurovision, Sport events, etc. Last but not least, we do offer a vACCs a form to order a flight from us. It is a good opportunity to ask us to generate more traffic for controller exams or fly-ins.

Our pilots can always make recommendations about charter flights and fly to their own chosen destination as a bonus


flyjh – Your Airways is always flying the most sophisticated and complete add-ons ever made for Flight Simulator platform. Our current fleet consists up to date PMDG 737 NGX / 772LR with extreme attention to the details. Our historical and available fleet also includes and very complicated and hard to fly MADDOG 2010 PRO, PMDG MD11, even Eaglesoft Citation X and some others on demand.


Boeing 737- 900

Developer: PMDG
Platform: FSX/P3D
ES-JBA ES-JBB ES-JBC (Q1 2012) / ES-JBD (Q3 2012) / ES-JBG (Q4 2014)

Boeing 777-200LR

Developer: PMDG
Platform: FSX/P3D
ES-JBE ES-JBF (Q4 2013)

General information: e-mail: Skype: flyjh ICAO code: JHI IATA code: JH Callsign: “Dorpat”

Note:Your Airways is a virtual airline, no real flights are operated. The actual site is to be used personally and cannot be modified, reproduced, duplicated, copied, distributed, sold or used in any other way for commercial purposes. All the contents of the site, including texts, graphics, logos, images, audio pieces are property of JH Group and are protected by the copyright law. Copyright JH Group 2008-2013 . All right reserved.